Beta - What is a condition?

A condition defines the action your prospect takes, which triggers the next email from your sequence to be sent. 

That is if your prospect does  → Path YES starts. If a prospect doesn't do A, as expected → Path NO begins.  

Types of conditions

There are 2 conditions to choose from:

  • If a prospect has opened an email more than X times - specify how many times (X) you want a prospect to open your email for a condition to be met. X stands for the number and it can be changed. 
  • If a prospect has opened an email  - it's enough that a prospect opened your email at least once for a condition to be met.

How to remove conditions?

Hover over the condition so the red  X appears. Click it and then confirm with the red button "Yes, I'm sure". 

Please mind that removing the condition will delete all emails from Path NO.

Learn more about how conditions work and what's new in Woodpecker.
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